What do doctors say?

Doctors know what hyperventilation syndrome is and are aware of how important monitoring one’s breathing is. To show how established this method is in medicine, we summarize Dr. Matjaž Fležar’s words from the article Can We Cure Asthma with Proper Breathing? which was published in the magazine of the Pulmonary and Allergic Patients Association of Slovenia called Healthy in/exhalation for inspiration (Zdrav dih za navdih):

“According to global data, 1 in 10 patients in general clinics suffers from hyperventilation syndrome. Many of them are asthma patients that suffer from the syndrome even more often.
… The first treatment of hyperventilation syndrome is learning about relaxation techniques and how to breathe properly. With enough self-discipline and regular breathing training it is possible to completely cure hyperventilation syndrome.”

“Yoga, autosuggestion, the Buteyko method, breathing while swimming etc. are different techniques with the same purpose: to control the range of our breathing and eliminate hyperventilation. For asthma and hyperventilation patients this means that the need for inhaling bronchodilators due to dyspnea is reduced. But only bronchodilators (Ventolin, Berotec, Berodual, Serevent etc.)! None of these methods can replace the anti-inflammatory medication that treats airway inflammation and it is absolutely necessary that the patient still regularly takes this medication, although the daily dose they need might be reduced because of these methods.”


British doctors officially recognized the Buteyko method back in 2008

The official instructions for treating asthma published in 2008 in the UK that are based on a variety of scientific research methods suggest or advise using the Buteyko method for asthma treatment.

The sponsors of these instructions are:

  • The NHS,
  • The British Thoracic Society,
  • The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network,
  • Asthma UK,
  • The College of Emergency Medicine,
  • The Royal College of Physicians,
  • The UK General Practice Airways Group.


Unfortunately, Slovene health care system is extremely conservative when it comes to applying traditional or complementary medicine. Luckily, there are numerous doctors that are open-minded and recommend the Buteyko method to their patients.