Buteyko breathing technique course

Basic Buteyko breathing technique course (5 weeks)

Three two-hour meetings every second week.

We recommend this course to those who are determined to get rid of their asthma symptoms. We use a gradual and extremely successful method of accustoming people to a new breathing pattern that requires regular training during a five-week period. Through regular monitoring, the efficiency of the method is guaranteed.

Intensive weekend course (2 days)

Includes six workshops in two days.

We recommend this intensive course to those who believe they are disciplined enough to be able to regularly practice the exercises alone in the next few weeks after the course. This is also an appropriate course for anyone who is seeking a detailed exchange of experiences with other patients or simply likes to socialize.

All of the courses include at least five workshops where we teach you how to properly use the Buteyko breathing method, which includes:

  • an understanding of the basic physiology of breathing;
  • efficient natural cleaning of the nasal passages;
  • special nose breathing;
  • diaphragmatic breathing;
  • breathing with a prolonged breath-hold duration.

Additionally, you will learn how to efficiently reduce the symptoms of your disease through various preventive measures (nutrition, exercise, living quarters etc.).

A special group is organized for children from the ages of 4 to 14 and their parents. The course is adjusted according to the children’s development stages (games are included).