Celebrate Breath Workshops

Introductory workshop (3 hours)

In this workshop, you get to know the physiological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of breathing. Learn the basics of the Buteyko method and master some key techniques to prevent hyperventilation and stay healthy.

Anti-stress workshop (5 hours)

We cannot avoid stress but we can be prepared for when it strikes. Our body contains the wisdom of nature and it will happily give advice on what is good for us if we only learn to listen. Through breathing, we can reveal the emotional patterns that slow down our development. Furthermore, we can truly absorb the spiritual dimensions of life and through this empower our body.

The benefits of the anti-stress workshop:

  • understanding stress as a normal reaction to unforeseeable circumstances;
  • being aware of the tensions in your body while experiencing stress (movement, posture, speech etc.);
  • controlling stress with breathing exercises;
  • appropriately expressing and channeling of emotional and physical tensions;
  • learning about safety measures to prevent the unwanted effects of stress;
  • better tolerance for work strain;
  • improved intuition based decision-making process.