Word of mouth

“I admit, thanks to your method both my son’s and my own conditions improved greatly. He has not had any problems since January. My condition improved to such an extent that I can stop any attack using only breathing exercises and yoga, even though the course was meant for children. The bronchodilators that used to be an absolute necessity in my life are now just lying in my drawers gathering dust. I am truly grateful and would like to be notified if new courses for adults will be organized.”



“We were really strict in taking care of other demands connected to the method as well. They were connected to sleep, exercise, breathing during workout etc. As far as the latter is concerned, my son made a habit of it and still runs with his mouth closed.
The whole Buteyko method treatment was carefully supervised by a pulmonologist who reduced our medication dosage according to our improvement.
I can conclude that my son was able to gradually stop taking his medication due to the Buteyko method. He did not need to use them even once ever since.”



“Both me and my son believe that the Celebrate Breath Workshop is concise and to the point. It uses actual examples that are both theoretical and practical. The lecture was easy to understand and included all the instructions needed for the exercises to improve one’s breathing, as intended. At the moment, my son is doing the Buteyko exercises 3 times a day, regularly cleans his nose, and is trying to breathe with his mouth closed.”/cite>



“It was a unique experience with some deep content that gives a thousand starting points to you, your institution, and us parents. Truly a well-thought-out topic that was sort of an emergency exit because of the illness of our initial lecturer.
It is a real shame that such lectures are not attended by more parents, because nearly everyone would find something positive for themselves but they fail to make the best out of what is being offered to them.”



“I would like to praise the substitute lecturer who stood in for the initial one. The broad view we hold on the world around us, especially on ourselves (which enables us to view fellow humans broadly as well) leaves a special mark on our everyday life! And this ‘fella’, who I feel is a different kind of ‘jock’ (being a professor of physical education), has left a mark. I find it really great that he spoke to us in such a simple way that he made even the most uncommon things easy to understand.”



“The more we know ourselves, our body, and our physical as well as spiritual existence, the more options to guide ourselves and our surroundings we have. As teachers, we are therefore able to start living more responsibly with our pupils. The Celebrate Breath Workshop for Teachers can help us with this.”

Alenka Weithauser, integrative psychotherapist


“I strongly recommend attending the Celebrate Breath Workshop to anyone. Its content is the basis of a quality life, because the life of any human being does not exist without breathing and the effect it has on the human organism.”

Matej Plevnik, PhD student


“Regardless of the fact that I have been attending yoga classes for several years now, the workshop on Saturday contributed a lot to my awareness of how to properly breathe. I found the test of how many steps we can make without inhaling especially interesting. If we had had more time, maybe we could have dedicated more of it to this exercise. It is hard to sum it the most important impressions, but I can say that I was thinking about the individual parts of the Celebrate Breath Workshop this whole weekend and I tried to control my breathing and explain the main principles to my family and friends. Life became very complex and difficult and because of that the states of our body and spirit and their connection are all very important. The Celebrate Breath Workshop gives us a short summary of what we should know and use every day and in every moment of our lives, because breathing means living.”

Lili Bošnjak, kindergarten principal

 “I liked every part of the Celebrate Breath Workshop – it is very educational and most of the things I learned were new to me. This is why I think that no topic was redundant or too extensive. Everything was explained in a clear and understandable way (without any overly technical and complex language), there were a lot of examples and exercises, which made understanding everything even easier. Maybe I would add another breathing exercise or two. What I will surely always remember is the significance of CO2, which I didn’t think was important until now. Breathing is a self-evident process, which actually has a broad background that is the source of numerous problems we face in everyday life. This is something I could assure myself of in this workshop. Additionally, I got to know different breathing exercises and a proper breathing technique that makes me feel and function better etc.”

Ana Novak, student

“I was very satisfied with the Celebrate Breath Workshop. The introductory lecture was interesting and easy to understand. For me, it was especially important because I was introduced to new information that encouraged my thought processes concerning the question why respiratory problems even appear. With a short explanation of the human’s development through history some facts became clear and understandable which is why I had no trouble abandoning my beliefs. Before, I believed that respiratory troubles are connected to breathing and genetics and that it is a chronic disease which I cannot influence. Now I believe that I can truly affect the condition of my respiratory organs in a quality way by being aware of my breathing and doing the exercises you showed us. I am certain that I can even get rid of my asthma attacks. I immediately started trying out the knowledge I gained on myself and on my five-year-old daughter. I even tried it during work, where I am constantly in contact with small children, seeing as I am a primary school teachers. I am always careful that I am breathing through the nose, that I do not sleep on my back and that the temperature in the bedroom is lower than in the other rooms in the house. I was able to teach my daughter and the children in school about proper breathing with the help of your fairy tales that illustratively portray the problem of improper breathing through an adventure in an imaginary world. They immerse themselves into the story so well that they automatically close their mouths when I touch my nose with my index finger, as well as remind each other during P. E. that they should ‘breathe like a mouse’ on their own initiative. I started noticing that the chronic coughing in the group has greatly decreased and the endurance of each individual during physical activities has significantly increased. Even my daughter, whose respiratory problems were getting worse each spring and who has been confirmed to have asthma, has not experienced an asthma attack since we began to regularly perform your breath-holding and marching exercises.”

Nataša Lenarčič, primary school teacher 

“The lecture Celebrate Breath was very clear and interesting and even though I know a lot about this topic, I really enjoyed this new way of lecturing that really touched me. I became encouraged to perform breathing exercises, even if only for a couple of minutes during the day. I was really astonished by how quickly my nose becomes congested and uncongested, it’s just amazing.
We’re constantly getting bombarded with information about a healthy and fit lifestyle, but the Celebrate Breath Workshop is a like a breath of fresh air. It gives us a new view on the hurry we are in every day as well as teaches us how to safely stop this rollercoaster that life has become and enables us to breathe easily.”

Nina S., Kinesiology student